Your (http) connection is unencrypted and thus insecure.

About the service

What's this? is a dynamic dns service.

You usually need it so your router (or other dyndns2-compatible client) can update a hostname, so you don't need to know or find out your current IP address. is simple, usable, free, friendly, secure and respects your privacy.

Why another one?

As far as we know, there was no service yet that is not:

  • nagging its users to make a paid subscription
  • annoying its users with advertisements or spam
  • cancelling hosts or accounts after a short period of non-usage
  • hiding the few free features almost undiscoverably between a ton of commercial-only features

How is it?

You can just try it using the test account (see Register page).

Also, we have documentation — there might be some interesting stuff for you in it that is not visible or obvious on the user interface.

If you are interested in the software project, have a look at the project on GitHub.

Fair use of the service

The only thing we expect from you is fair use of this service:

  • Don't abuse the service in any way.
  • Don't update your hosts too often.
  • Don't do updates if your IP did not change.
  • Don't create lots of users or lots of hosts.
  • Don't use the service for any illegal or otherwise questionable purpose.
  • Don't spam us via e-mail.

We reserve the right to remove any account or hostname(s) that are related to unfair use of the service - at any time and without prior notice.

No warranties

This is free software and a free service, there are no warranties.

If it breaks, it breaks.

Service Contact

Before contacting us via E-Mail, please read the docs, they exist for a reason.

Software Project Contact

Visit the project on GitHub to:

  • file issues on the issue tracker for bugs, ideas, patches.
  • create pull requests for your contributions.